NVS-1:5 Status


Jobbar fredag, lördag, söndag kväll


Spelar bara red alert 3 hela tiden


Är borta typ alla kvällar


Pluggar matte


Är nog hemma


Prioriterar dåligt


Här kan man t ex lägga in veckans haiku

Alien space cloud
Looks for its mommy but gets
Captain Kirk instead

Kirk learns true meaning
Of Kobayashi Maru
When Spock dies nobly

Hey, Spock is alive!
Let's all steal the Enterprise
And go get him back!

Crew goes back in time
For songs of the humpback whale
Or else Earth goes boom

It's a search for God
But there is no God in here
Just Shatner's ego

The Klingons need help!
Can Kirk put aside his hate
To save the ridged ones?

It's Kirk and Picard!
They get together, and not
In a fanfic way!

Those creepy Borg dudes
Try to mess with the time stream
Picard says: Uh, no

The fountain of youth
Defended by our Trek pals
Who, well, sag a bit

Picard's nemesis
Turns out to be his clone
It's, like, confusing